Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best day...ever!

Today has been such an exciting day for me.  I woke up today with emails from my team congratulating me for being in Etsy Finds.  I was still kinda groggy from waking up, so it didn't fully register until I went downstairs to my computer and checked my email there and read Etsy Finds.  I was so excited to see my Eat, Pray, Love Necklace there.  Such a great theme to be featured in, with other awesome items.  So, I'm super stoked about Etsy Finds and another email comes in saying the Cherie's treasury is on the front page.  Well, I knew that she had recently done a treasury that featured a few team members, so I go to's front page and there is my Live, Laugh, Love Necklace.  By this time, I wanted to scream I was so excited!  I think I have had a smile on my face all day long.  It's just so crazy I was in Etsy Finds and the Front Page all in one day!  It's blowing my mind.  The other teammates that were on the Front Page were PostScripted, ForTheLoveOfPete, OrangeThyme, TinyBellesBoutique, LaurenBPhotography, and JanKanSew.  They all do such beautiful work!  I'm honored to be on the front page with them.  Anyways, here's the screenshot of the front page.

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  1. Smiled as I walked through your day with you. What a thrilling day! I think it will be a long time before my smile wears off too! Thanks for the mention! :)